Site Safety Monitoring

High EH&S Consulting assists companies in providing qualified personnel for specific projects. We can provide staffing for your project, supplement your safety department or serve as your company safety resource. This can be provided on a periodic temporary or full-time or part-time basis for general industry or construction applications.

Why Use a Consultant to Staff?

Most companies seek assistance with safety monitoring because:

                • The position is intended to be short-term. Attempting to hire a qualified staff member for one year or even less is usually a difficult recruiting process, unless the candidate is out-of-work and has no other options.
                • The company does not want to incur the cost of interviewing, reference checking, medical benefits, vacation costs, equipment costs (laptop, cell phone, PPE) for a position.
                • The company has an immediate need to address an issue.
                • The company requires a specific level of expertise which is not available internally and is not required on a full time basis.
                • The company wants the flexibility to reduce / increase staff size as needed.
                • The company must address specific issues, but is restricted by a hiring freeze.

More often construction sites are requiring full-time safety and health representatives / coordinators to be on-site. Some companies opt to fill these roles with individuals who have worked in construction and have completed an OSHA 30 hour course. Most often these individuals are very weak in their understanding of OSHA rules and regulations. These are often the lowest cost options. From a liability perspective as well as safety perspective, we don't believe that this approach is the best one. We will work with your organization to place a properly skilled individual on your project. We work to meet the needs and budget of our client, but we also caution against using the lowest possible qualified person on projects.

When we place a staff member on your project, they will most often bring years of experience and education to bear on your project. They are supported by our main office and can access various resources ranging from equipment to reference materials to personnel. We have a number of staff members who provide these types of services which means we can respond quickly to fill your needs. When we need to reach beyond our current staff, we utilize a ten-step process to evaluate and select consultants for placements which helps assure that you are receiving a qualified person.

When you use a consultant you do NOT pay for...

1) Hiring expenses; 2) medical and workers compensation insurance; 3) equipment (PPE, laptop, printer, cell phone, vehicle, etc.); 4) vacation and holidays (we only bill for hours worked); 5) training and education time (unless specifically required by the project).

In addition, if our primary consultant becomes ill or takes time off, we are able to often provide coverage for the site. This can be important where some operations are required to be stopped without a safety representative being present.

Project Examples:

High EH&S Consulting placed a consultant on-site at a chemical processing facility for a year in Tennessee. The facility did not have the EH&S resources available to get caught up on various policies and programs which were out-of-date. By placing a dedicated resource to the project, they were able to get the work completed within the year.

The company placed a consultant on-site at a large manufacturing site to monitor their expansion project contractors' safety. The consultant monitored many different contractors and helped to assure that safety precautions were being addressed appropriately.

High EH&S Consulting placed three consultants on-site at a construction project which operated three shifts. The operation required that safety monitoring was occurring during all phases of the operations.

The company placed a consultant on-site for three months at a newly opened manufacturing facility which was expanding. The consultant developed new programs and policies to get the new facility to a compliant status. A similar project was completed at a site in Ohio for a speciality steel producer.

High EH&S Consulting provided a consultant on a nearly full-time basis for one month to help a food processing organization achieve compliance. This client continues to be serviced on a periodic basis to keep all programs and training up-to-date. The company could not justify the expense of a full-time safety manager, but has been able to use the resources of a highly qualified professional to implement their programs.

Other Past Project Sites and Examples:

Gamesa Chestnut Wind Farm, Farmington, PA

Sands Casino - Bethlehem, PA

Glaxco-Smith-Kline - Marietta, PA

PPL -- Dock / Boat Ramp Expansion, PA

Hershey Hospital Expansion - Hershey, PA